Low Fat Jam Filled Butter Cookies Made With Greek Yogurt

Low fat jam filled butter cookies using a combination of half butter and half Greek yogurt for a healthier choice!

Jam filled butter cookies

These are another one of my holiday “test” run cookies. They are basically the same dough as these Fig Pinwheels. Only I swapped out the honey for confectioners sugar to make the dough harder and the butter flavor more compact. The filling in these low fat jam filled butter cookies can be whatever flavor jam you want! This is made with strawberry jam filling since my husband loves strawberry flavors and it pairs so well with the hint of orange zest in the dough.

Aren’t these acorn shapes are so much fun for Thanksgiving? Use a large and small cookie cutter of the same shape. The on half the dough cut out large acorn shapes and small ones in the other half. Set the smaller ones aside and bake them for 7 minutes for mini bites!Low fat jam filled butter cookies made with Greek yogurt will work for any time of the year! Have fun playing around with flowers and hearts too:-)

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