Healthy Christmas Sugar Cookies

You will want to make a double batch of these vegan and gluten free Christmas sugar cookies because they are quick to prepare and won’t last long in a large crowd! Colored with spinach, they are a favorite healthy holiday cookie recipe! 

Christmas is in just a short couple of weeks and we are already half-way through our Christmas baking, which I have stored way in the back in the freezer (so hopefully my boys don’t see them!). These gluten-free Christmas sugar cookies are hiding back there and they are SOOOO delicious you will want to eat all the raw cookie dough before it makes it to the oven!

The problem with the holidays is all the sweets and treats that my sweet tooth can’t say no to! To fix that (and help you out too), I offer you a healthy Christmas sugar cookie that is naturally green and lean! Popeye would be so happy about these because they are colored with a secret ingredient….

Are you ready for this…..


Spinach or baby kale leaves (I tried them with both) gives these gluten-free cut out sugar cookies their beautiful color! Perfect for cutting these cookies into Christmas trees.

Using spinach is best because you don’t taste the green leaves at all, but if you have high iron or hemochromatosis then baby kale leaves are a great alternative and are lower in iron. The baby kale leaves do have a slight taste to them but I have added almond extract which compliments and masks that flavor. So if iron is not a problem- go for the spinach!

It took THREE batches of dough to perfect the recipe which is adapted from my vegan sugar cookies recipe! Big C is my “taste tester” and after the first batch he said they just take like almond flavor. I added too much almond extract.

The next batch he said he did not like it at all….not enough almond extract.

The third batch of cookies he loved and asked for more! Just the right amount of almond extract:-) Three times is a charm! He’s been asking for more of these cookies almost daily!

Top your Christmas sugar cookies with icing, sprinkles or dip in melted chocolate or enjoy them plain. I secretly love to eat these plain for breakfast with cup of coffee:-) I am getting my greens, right? And I seriouisly think healthy cookies should be a main food group for anytime of the day!

Cheers to the holidays!

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