Coconut Granola Bars

Coconut granola bars made with gluten free oats, unsweetened coconut flakes and low glycemic coconut sugar! So sweet, chewy and delicious you will be begging for these every single morning! 

These Coconut Granola Bars have moved to my list of favorites. Along with many more no bake breakfast granola bars and muffin cup granola bars. Coconut Granola Bars were first made last year and I have no idea why I have never yet to share them with you! And it hit me… busy weeks fully call for simple luxuries and pleasures in life and this is one pleasure to be enjoyed over any weekend. After all, you deserve a healthy indulgence!

Adding hemp seeds to the tops give homemade granola bars extra nutritional value and crunch. Go wild and sprinkle that glory*** all over your batch before baking!

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