Cashew Cheesecake With Strawberry Rose Topping

Flavorful creamy white chocolate & strawberry cashew cheesecake layered with a chewy chocolaty date nut base. The cutest and easiest little mini no bake vegan desserts!

Happy New Year friends!!! This is the official first recipe of 2017 and boy is it a D-EEE-licious one! Cashew cheesecake has become one of my new favorite obsessions. And for good reason since there are endless options to the flavors one can create! We treated ourselves to these at our Christmas Eve party hubby and hosted and it was a huge hit! I had to tell them it had no cheese in it since it is so creamy your teeth just melt right into the rich “white chocolate” filling! A few guest were mind blown there is no cheese in this cake – needless to say.

By the way how was your Christmas and New Years? Did you do anything special to celebrate? I truly want to hear and all about how you celebrate and the favorite foods you enjoy… hint, hint – love if you leave a comment about it! And since it is a new year with new beginnings, I would love to hear any recipe requests. What would you like to see more of on this blog in 2017? Please post in the comments or through our contact form here.

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New Years is quite an amazing time of year. A time to look at the joys, doors that have closed and doors that have opened! Oh I get giddy talking about it! Not to look at anything you did not accomplish. Believe me I have a huge list that keeps carrying over year after year. When some of those doors close it is because other things are lining up just as they are supposed to be. Most of the time we can not see that until the future looking back. Other beautiful doors have opened or are opening. If you can twist it to optimism and what you did do, it makes a world of difference! I just encourage you to Keep. Moving. Forward. whatever your dreams and goals.

DMF has a few Objectives (Goals) to add for you:

  1. More creativity in photographing recipes
  2. Shoot more videos on how to make recipes
  3. Launch next product
  4. Add more informational content to the Food Glossary
  5. Finish E-Books catering to dietary needs
  6. Finish Affordable 30 Day Gluten Free Dinners E-book

Any other ideas you would all benefit from?

Now that the New Years Resolutions are written in stone (or better, the World Wide Web), its happening. And back to the recipe.

This cashew cheesecake is based off of this simple white chocolate peppermint cheesecake. I use the same white chocolate base but for the second layer I add strawberries (and leave out the peppermint extract & kale). The result is a magnificent vegan strawberry cheesecake with pretty rose swirls for the topping. After all, who doesn’t just LOVE a big delicious cheesecake! Especially with a strawberry topping and sparkles!

Really vegan cheesecake is so easy we started making it all the time. The whole recipe is basically nuts! That is it! Well, plus a bit of coconut oil, dates, maple syrup, vanilla and few frozen strawberries and a whole bunch of LOVE!

Since they are kinda pink, wouldn’t they be fun for valentines day to give to your hunny-bunnies or just eat a bunch for yourself?!

How to make vegan cashew cheesecake

  1. Start off with a stable base. Cashews soaked in water for 3-4 hours. This makes it easy to blend together the ingredients in a blender and makes the cashew cheesecake extra creamy! Blend cheesecake ingredients in a blender… that is it!
  2. In a food processor process pecans and almonds until super fine. Then add the dates, cocoa powder and coconut oil. It forms a mushy chewy nut ball that is easy to press into the silicon muffin pans.
  3. Use a silicone muffin pan or a spring pan for easy removal. I love how easy these pop out of the silicone pan (and they withstand freezer temperatures!)
  4. For the rose piping topping use a 1M open star decorating tip. The swirl topping is just the white chocolate filling in this cashew cheesecake recipe. Start in the center and swirl until you reach the edge of the cheesecake. Sprinkle with edible glitter.

Don’t want to use a muffin pan? Just use all the ingredients in a spring pan and make exactly the same way for a beautiful cheesecake pie. Press the date and nut base on the bottom of the pan. Then pour in the white chocolate filling. Freeze for about 3-4 hours and then swirl on the strawberry white chocolate filling on top.

These vegan cheesecake is so delicious and smooth! The flavors are creamy with hints of vanilla and subtle amounts of coconut. Tastes like white chocolate with a cheesecake consistency but made mostly with cashew nuts! What is incredible about that is that cashew cheesecake has minimal amounts of saturate fat (from coconut oil) and tons of good fats and plant based proteins that helps the body thrive.

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