Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Nicecream Smoothie Recipe)

Sweetly delicious 3-ingredient nicecream recipe! Tastes like a creamy strawberry banana smoothie or ice cream without having to churn. Vegan and made with bananas, strawberries and almond milk!

Strawberry and Banana Nicecream Smoothie

I’ll have to admit it has taken me a while to get on the Nice Cream bandwagon. The creamy delicious smoothies and ice cream recipes piled miles high that are all over Pinterest and Instagram are so appealing! Not quite sure why I have not tried to make our own except that I think it is just because I lacked a food processor! Oh, the shame right?! I’m a foodie and I should totally have a food processor but the reality is I have so many kitchen gadgets that I never replaced my old one. Until this week.

It all started with my muffin pans and my friends daughters birthday party. Before I started selling my own product line I was making raw desert treats in silicone muffin pans because they freeze and pop out so easily. It was not until our launch that I realized I do not have any recipes on my blog to share! What the cray-cray??!!!

I was at my friends daughters birthday party and she served raw dessert treats in my silicone muffin pans. We obsessively were talking and trying to make chocolate protein with banana nice cream filling. She ended up make these OUTSTANDING pumpkin and peanut butter nice cream filling for the raw desert treats and they were fantastic!!!

This weekend, I was making a recipe for you with a raw almond and coconut date crust topped with this strawberry banana smoothie filling recipe. They pop out of the silicone muffin pans so easily! But right after I made the crust, I made the strawberry banana smoothie filling which I could not control my urges to eat! Realized that this smoothie or nice cream recipe alone needs to be shared with you as the best strawberry banana ice cream recipe! Totally top this dessert, breakfast smoothie or snack treat with peanut butter, chocolate, nuts, granola as it is healthy enough to eat any time of the day!

No churn, 3-ingredients and super duper easy!!!

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