Healthy Sweet and Sour Chicken

A healthy Sweet and Sour Chicken. Chinese-American made with 4-ingredients! Delicious served over rice with a side of stir fry vegetables.

My pantry is currently stocked with Trader Joe’s seasonal goodies! One of my favorites is their Red Pepper Jelly. At a recent holiday Christmas party, I brought a cheese plate and we were all commenting how yummy this jelly was and that it tastes a bit like sweet and sour sauce. I bought a few jars to stock up. I love this stuff! It is just that good! The next night I mixed it with Soy Sauce and simmered it with chicken for dinner. A fabulous healthy sweet and sour chicken recipe was born.

First whisk together the jelly and soy sauce until well combined. Then add chicken breasts and saute on each side for about 5 minutes each. Garnish with red pepper and herbs.This is such a quick healthy meal! It is delicious served over rice with a side of veggies! Use the remaining sauce to stir fry carrots, snap peas, onions and baby corn.

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