Raspberry Mini Cheesecakes In Fillo Shells

You have earned dessert, so go ahead and enjoy a little indulgence every now and then like these raspberry mini cheesecakes in fillo shells! Dessert is what makes a meal and it doesn’t have to be too complicated to be divine.

These mini Mascarpone cheesecakes are made with homemade raspberry jam filling. Just the perfect magical blend with this rich Italian, creamy buttery flavored soft cheese. Add a Fillo base into the mix, and you have a match made in heaven. So delicate to the touch, but simply extravagant on the lips.

*Tip: Make ahead and store frozen in the Fillo shells box. When company comes over you have the perfect mini cheesecake dessert to serve to guests! Remove from freezer and heat at 200 Degrees F for about 5 minutes until soft. Top with hazelnut spread or Nutella chocolate and fresh fruit or simply just whipped cream.


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