Lemon Yogurt Cake

Lemon Yogurt Cake with natural refined sugar free coconut oil icing! An elegant citrus cake to bring to your next celebration. Pairs deliciously with a chilled glass of Rosé wine! 

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This lemon Greek yogurt cake is so flavorful naturally from fresh seasonal lemons and zest that you will want to make it all the time! I might even suggest making it as a breakfast cake as well as a dessert cake. Did I hear someone say mimosas with that or perhaps a Kombucha wine spritzer or Frosé Rosé???!

Pairing wine with foods is a gift that not everyone can do well. One that I am still crafting, but like wine, getting better at with age:-) One of our favorite weekly events is getting together with family or friends for a light happy hour, holiday or birthday celebration. This past week we were lucky to have all three! Usually there is wine for the adults. That being said I am so excited to share with great deals!

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We all love to save. We all love to spend. Why not do both! A family friend of ours has been telling me about this new grocery store in town that has organic and specialty foods along with everything else at extremely low prices! Then my sister-in-law mentioned the same store to me and how she loves to get her family Larabar’s and Protein Bars and snacks there because they are HALF THE PRICE. I wasn’t quite sure where it was and slightly forgot about it until I partnered with Grocery Outlet and went in the store… finally!

Oh my gosh have I been missing out! I went in thinking about Easter and what I could bring to our Easter gathering as a guest. Wine or flowers is always my go-to as a gift to the host of a party.

I came out of the grocery store with even more. A giant cart of my favorite ingredients to come home and bake a cake for Easter, plus enjoy tons of wine for a lower price to pair with it! Seriously, I found almond meal flour at a discounted price, coconut oil and erythritol sweetener (a low calorie-free sugar alternative). Their items change but it’s worth the search. My grocery bill was about $120 with a savings of $152!!!!

The wine I chose for this lemon yogurt cake is a RESOLUTE 2016 Rosé. Perfectly light and delicious. When I tried it out (yes, during the photo shoot) to make sure it blended well with the lemon cake- I was highly impressed how delicious it is for only $5.99. Look it up – Resolute sells for $20 at most wine stores! That’s a deal right? Plus 20% off! I’m sold!

Now comes the tasty part! The citrus lemon cake!

If you are not a wine-o, this gluten-free cake is fabulous with tea and coffee. And like I mentioned earlier, enjoy for breakfast with your morning cup-o-joe! It is really that healthy of a cake- in my opinion.

(Also note in the image above I made two cakes and layered them on top of each other. This recipe is for 1 layer.)

How to make lemon yogurt cake from scratch

First gather one fresh Meyer lemon. Meyer lemons are the juiciest. If you can not find them regular lemons will do. Zest the entire lemon into a small bowl or plate and set the zest aside. Then slice the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice into a bowl. This is your “liquid gold”! It’s the natural lemon flavor that makes the cake. You can also add a few drops of natural lemon extract if you want a more bold flavor.

Next, combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then in another bowl mix the wet ingredients. Add them all together. Then stir in warm coconut oil. Stirring in the coconut oil last helps it to stay in liquid form before baking. Bake the cake- one two or three of them!

This lemon yogurt cake is a recipe for one 9 x 9 inch circular cake pan. I double it up and made two to layer on top of each other. If you do that, let the cake cool fully. Then slice the top off of both cakes so each cake is even before layering on top of each other.

How to make natural refined sugar-free icing

I love to make icing without confectioners sugar. It is so easy using tapioca flour, which has the same consistency as confectioners sugar.

With an electric mixer whip on high the coconut oil and honey or maple syrup until combined. Refined coconut oil has no flavor so that is best if you do not want a “coconut flavor”. You can also use grass feed butter, ghee of vegan butter. Once combined add the tapioca flour and whip on high (stopping to scrap the edges) till the right consistency forms. If it becomes thick add some water. If it becomes too thin, add more tapioca flour.

For this cake the flavor is in the lemon!

Here are how the lemon cake layers go: Cake, then icing, then cake then icing. The sides I added icing to my hands and rubbed it slightly around the sides instead of adding covering it completely. It doesn’t need too much icing because there is so much bold flavor in the cake itself.

Enjoy this gluten-free lemon yogurt cake!

And thank you so much Grocery Outlet for sponsoring this post! I know where I am grocery shopping from now on! Don’t forget to check out their twice a year 20% wine sale. It’s worth the savings! Check them out here!

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